I Turned my Farmers Market Fail into a Dream Come True

#truthbomb When asked if I think Classy Cakes was a failure, I will answer yes. If having to

choose that or no. Reason? In my opinion, a successful business has many successful replicatable systems that can be sold for profit. Did we accomplish this with Classy Cakes 'n Cookies? I can firmly say no. Not only did we suffer a major oven breakdown on December 23rd bringing our Christmas confection baking to an abrupt halt, we had been struggling with our small space at the farmers market for quite some time. Our rent was high and we were only open 3 days a week which really inhibited what we were able to do in terms of sales.With our biggest weekend of the year in down the tubes it was time to rethink the direction I was going with this business. Do I love making cakes? Yes! Of course! Do I love repeating the same recipes over and over in a tiny commercial kitchen built for maximum two? Absolutely not... Luckily we had already started our Cake Nite classes on Wednesdays and they had really taken off due to a Groupon we were running. I have always been a fan of teaching. Starting at an early age with the bagpipes, I turned my love of music and teaching into a part time career by teaching bagpipes at summer camps. I was only 15. It was now time to take that love of teaching and mix it with my love of cakes and confection to create Cake College!

A place where bakers and cakers alike can come together to learn how to bake and decorate cakes and cookies. A one stop shop for supplies combined with various skill levels of classes makes this a unique place where imaginations can run wild. Host your birthday or your bachelorette we accommodate it all! Currently we are featuring our Cake Nite | Mirror Glaze class which we are hosting at Hustle Co. until our retail location is built. My fire is returning and as long as I keep feeding it, we are about to really light it up! Follow our journey on Instagram and this blog. Look forward to tutorials, recipes, and much more while I share over a decade of Cake and Confection baking and decorating! Test your skills at one of our interactive classes held at Hustle Co. An amazing, bright co-working space that brings together entrepreneurship and community.

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