Our top ten recipes used in our Cake College classes and Classy Cakes & Cookies treats

From delicious moist cakes to smooth buttercream, these recipes are a staple in any baker's recipe box.

Insider tips & tricks are included as well as a $5 coupon code for any of our upcoming Cake College classes 

Wow your friends and family with these classic, full flavour recipes that even the pickiest will approve! 

Recipes Included:

  1. Banana Cake 
  2. Carrot Cake
  3. Buttercream 
  4. Chocolate Buttercream
  5. Chocolate Cake
  6. Mirror Glaze
  7. Red Velvet Cake
  8. Rolled Fondant 
  9. Sugar Cookies 
  10. Vanilla Cake

Stay tuned for our Farmers Market Favorite Pack coming soon! 

Class Pack - Cake College Ebook Volume One

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